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The Benefits of Homemade BBQ

The Benefits of Homemade BBQ

Think about where you enjoy your favorite BBQ; it could be a local family restaurant, a large chain BBQ place, or even your backyard. Many factors likely go into creating your favorite BBQ. It could be the grill used to cook the food, the sauces or spices included, or the ingredients used; all these factors are essential to making tasty food.

The Best Cooking Techniques

Good BBQ will come out tender and juicy, while bad BBQ will be dry and tough. Using a wood fire helps create and absorb rich flavors that make your BBQ taste delicious. Cook meat such as brisket, ribs, and pork butt at low temperatures slowly on a real wood fire for the best results. Meat should be left undisturbed on the fire, but watch for smoldering fires, as they can leave meat tasting bitter after cooking. Charcoal girls and smokers are alternatives if you can’t cook on a wood fire for delicious homemade BBQs. A helpful tip when cooking on a girl is to keep a lid on while cooking to help keep the temperature consistent and preserve some of the smoky flavors.

Use the Right Meat and Fresh Ingredients

When choosing the right meat to BBQ with, you’ll want to make sure you’re picking something with a decent amount of fat. Fat helps keep the meat juicy during cooking; if it is marbled, it will likely create juicy results. You should also make sure you choose higher-grade meats that are thicker cut and less likely to dry out during cooking. Selecting ‘choice’ and ‘prime’ meats will be your best bet for juicy and tasty results. Using fresh spices, veggies, and other sides, along with meats, will help add to the tastiness of the meal.

Cook with Unique Spices and Rubs

A final factor in cooking delicious BBQ is the sauces and spice rub your meat is cooked and covered in. Preparing your meat in a marinade before cooking is essential for creating a long-lasting flavor. You can also use the same sauce from your marinade during cooking and brush your sauce on the meat every 10 minutes while grilling or cooking. The key is not to drown your BBQ in sauce; add just the right amount for additional flavor. While marinating your meat or just before cooking, cover your meat in a spice rub with just the correct number of spices to add to the tastiness of your meal.

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