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Grilling in the Winter Months


There is no denying that grilling is typically associated with the warm weather seasons. Sure, there is nothing like standing next to your grill with a beer in hand with the sun shining down on you. But did you know that you can enjoy the unbeatable taste of grilled food during the cold winter months? With some easy modifications, you don’t have to wait all winter for some delicious barbeque!

Plan Ahead
Get ready for the winter grilling season by planning your outdoor space accordingly. For example, move your grill closer to your house or a relatively dry place. The grill should be a minimum of ten feet from your home for safety reasons.

When planning for your grill’s location, think about snowfall in the winter months as well. To reach your grill for cooking all winter long, you will need to remove snow that falls in your path from your home to your grill.

Finally, with fewer daylight hours in the winter, ensure your cooking area is either well-lit or that you have a plan for temporary light when using your grill. Good lighting will make winter grilling easier and safer.

Bundle Up 
Both you and your grill need extra protection in the wintry weather. First, make sure you have a good grill cover with no rips or tears to carry you into the winter. Keeping your grill covered year-round helps to protect it from the elements. Additionally, it will be easier to pull a grill cover off your grill when you want to use it in the winter than to scrape ice and snow off it.

And for you, the grill master, a warm jacket, and a couple of layers will make it easier to step away from the warm fireplace and head out to cook some delicious food.

Keep it Simple 
Save the recipes that require multiple steps or basting every three minutes for warmer weather. Winter grilling is all about choosing low-maintenance foods that cook well without opening the grill too often. One option is to make food like pizza that cooks quickly.

Remember, you lose more heat every time you open the grill, so plan your grilling menu accordingly. Pick meats like burgers and ribeye that require one flip and then are done, so you can keep the grill shut (and the heat in) for most of the cooking time.

Plan for Extra Warmup Time
Because the air is much colder, the grill will take more time to heat up—plan for five to ten minutes of extra heating time when planning your meal’s timing.

Bring Out All the Supplies at Once
Minimize your trips in and out of the house by bringing everything you need to grill outside at once. For example, you can use a tray to bring out tools, sauces, and dishes you will need throughout the grilling process.

Remember a cover for the food! With the colder temperatures outside, your grilled food will cool off faster. A good cover keeps your food piping hot, so you can enjoy the food you worked so hard to make!

And come out to Southbank Original Barbecue for those days you don’t want to bust out your cold-weather-grilling-gear. Let us do the work, and you can sit back and enjoy our tasty eats. We offer delectable favorites such as pulled pork, tri-tip, ribs, and more! You’ll find us at 129 E Hydraulic Street in Yorkville. Call (630) 385-2477 for questions or reservations today!