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Late-Night Dining in Downtown Yorkville

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The perfect late-night dining establishment is not just about the food but the ambiance, company, and the sense of adventure it offers. But the challenge of searching for the perfect late-night dining establishment often lies in the limited options available during the wee hours, as some places prioritize convenience over culinary excellence at late hours.

However, hidden in downtown Yorkville, you will find the ideal restaurant to satisfy your midnight cravings: Southbank Original Barbecue.  

Ideally located on a picturesque stretch of the Fox River in Downtown Yorkville sits one of the most well-known restaurants in Illinois. With a generous-sized dining room indoors and outdoor seating in the warmer months, we have plenty of room for your whole party any time of the day.

Many enjoy our outdoor seating and bar for a relaxed and rustic dining experience along the banks of the Fox River. And once the weather warms up, we have live music for you to enjoy almost every weekend on our outdoor stage and special events throughout the year.

Late-night diners will love to enjoy our delicious local barbeque and southern comfort food that we cook seven days a week. We stay open later into the evening to accommodate your adventures in Downtown Yorkville. Join us to satisfy your late-night cravings after you explore downtown or take in a show at The Law Office Pub & Music Hall or Fox River’s Edge Theater.

What to order when you come in for your late-night meal at Southbank Original Barbecue? Every dish we serve is painstakingly prepared in-house, from our flavorful sauces to our mouth-watering meatloaf, pulled pork, and succulent ribs, so you truly can’t go wrong. But if you need a little help, we have a few suggestions!

BBQ Nachos 

A fan favorite! Smothered in melted nacho cheese sauce, pulled pork, and a house-made sweet sauce, it is a true late-night delight.


These are part of the reason we were voted Best BBQ in the Kendall County area in 2022. Our meaty favorites are served to order and delicious every time. If you are a rib lover, we have several menu options you don’t want to miss.

Sampler Platter 

We also have a sampler platter that gives you a taste of a few of our favorites. The sample platter includes pulled pork, belly burnt ends, rib tips, Smoked Italian Beef, and a broasted chicken wing and leg.


After a long day, nothing is better than one of our incredible sandwich options. Gobble up our traditional pulled pork sandwich, topped with fried onions and coleslaw, or step it up a notch and indulge in the Moo & Oink Sandwich, which incorporates Italian Roast Beef into the pulled pork sandwich. We’ve even added pulled pork to a chicken sandwich, so don’t miss the Cluck & Oink, topped with provolone and our Luau sauce.

No one goes home hungry from Southbank Original Barbecue. We’ve got it all, whether yearning for smoked tri-tips, pulled pork, or belly-burnt ends.

Experience smoky, southern barbecue in the heart of Yorkville—visit Southbank Original Barbecue for premium smoked meats and comfort food you can enjoy. Our experienced chefs spend hours by the smoker, so you don’t have to. The convenience, quality service, beautiful views, and mouth-watering food make this restaurant a must.