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Tips for Winter Grilling

a man approaches his grill with a platter of chicken. He is excited about the prospect of BBQ in spite of the big pile of frozen snow

Let’s be frank, if Midwesterners know anything, it’s how to adapt to any weather condition. We are prone to rain, wind, sun, heat, and snow, sometimes all on the same day! Sadly, it’s that time of the year where we have to wear our parkas instead of our flip-flops. But just because the temperature has taken a nosedive doesn’t mean you can’t fire up the grill and enjoy the unique flavors that only a BBQ has to offer. Here are 5 tips for foolproof winter grilling for all of our die-hard grillers out there. 

Light it Up!

We’re not talking about your grill quite yet. We all know it gets dark out super early these days so having proper outdoor lighting is the first step. Overhead lighting is ideal for grilling, but if that’s not an option, a high-quality headlamp will do the trick. Just be aware if you are using extension cords, you wouldn’t want to trip and drop your delicious BBQ. Avoid open flames such as candles or torches. 

Fuel For Thought

When it comes to grilling in cold weather, you will most likely be surprised to learn you will burn through more fuel than in the warmer months. Before you begin, make sure to check your fuel levels or your charcoal so you have plenty. Keep a spare on hand just in case you need it. And always remember to store your charcoal or propane in a cool, dry place. 

Use a Grill Thermometer

Bragging rights aside, we know it takes dedication to grill outside, however, you’ll want to spend as little time outdoors as possible if the temperatures are freezing. Investing in a good meat thermometer can help greatly. The Weber iGrill3 even comes with Bluetooth capability so you can download an app on your phone to keep a close eye on the temperature. If you’re planning on grilling often in the colder months, it might be worth the investment. 

Check for Risks

Obviously, the winter months come with a unique set of hazards, especially slips and falls from uneven surfaces, ice, and snow. Be sure to brush off the snow and put down salt on icy areas before you begin. Also, remember that winter gloves are not barbecue gloves. Make sure you have heat-resistant gloves on when operating your grill and keep bulky coats and scarfs away from the open flames of your grill. 

Try Cooking Something with a little KICK! 

If you’re brave enough to cook outside during the winter, have a little fun with your cooking by turning up the heat factor a little bit. Try grilling meat that’s used in hearty stews, and use marinades with a little more spice than what you might be used to.

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