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Beneath the Smoke: A Day in a Life of a Pitmaster

What is a pitmaster?

Meat grilling on griller

A day in the life of a pitmaster is filled with smoke, heat, and barbecue. Pitmasters need to be prepared to be able to tell their left from their right because they spend just as much time on one side of the grill as you do on the other. Whether it’s ribs or chicken, they’re constantly flipping meat and moving ingredients around. When they aren’t tending their fire, they’re either manning their stall at a farmers market or catering an event.

What is a pitmaster?
Simply put, the pitmaster is the person in charge of cooking meat, usually at a barbecue. Grill masters are interchangeable with pitmasters because they cook on an open flame rather than over coals or embers like most grills do.

Pitmaster duties
Grill meats
Prepare barbecue sauce
Manage the pits’ wood supply
Clean and maintain the grill surface before each day’s use.

How did pitmasters become a recognized profession?
Pitmasters can be found all over the world, but they became recognized as a profession in 1806 when oak wood shortages caused beef prices to rise sharply.

What are some of the challenges that pitmasters face?
Grill flare ups from fat dripping on hot coals.
The meat drying out before it cooks fully

Pitmasters of today are still following in their footsteps, doing what they can to ensure that customers have a great experience with their food. At Southbank Original BBQ we offer the tastiest favorites such as pulled pork, wings, ribs, and much more. Mosey on down to 129 E Hydraulic Street, Yorkville, IL 60560. We’re open late every night and look forward to serving you. Please take a peek at our menu, and you’ll be running in! Call (630) 385-2477 for questions and reservations. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook today!